Which Pickup Hardtop?
Find the best brands and models of hardtops available in the UK

Reviews and buying advice about new hardtops currently on sale in the UK with information and ratings for each to help you choose the best canopy for your pickup truck.

Aeroklas commercial hardtop
Aeroklas Canopies
Aeroklas are on the cutting edge of hardtop manufacturing and development.
Alpha GSE hardtop
Alpha Canopies
Alpha make some of the most stylish and durable canopies available anywhere.
Pro//Top Gullwing hardtop
Pro//Top Canopies
Pro//Top has been designed specifically for the hard working truck.
Carryboy Series 6 hardtop
Carryboy Canopies
Carryboy canopies are finished to high exacting standards.
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Who are we?

Welcome to hardtops.co.uk – a website dedicated to reviewing and comparing pickup truck hard tops. As you know there are a wide variety of pickup truck tops out there; for both work and play, for trade professional or business uses as well as recreational pastimes of course. Buying a new hardtop is an important decision so we have selected some of the best available for you, providing a review and rating for each.

You can buy hardtops with windows, without, solid sided which you can sign write to advertise your services, rear doors with or without windows, gullwing opening side doors. Some have sporty looks; others focus on practicality. It all depends what you need your hardtop for and to do.

Who are we?
Which Hardtop?

Popular New Hardtops

Finding the right hardtop….
Pickup truck hardtops come in many shapes, styles and prices and from a variety of producers. We look at some of the different types of hardtops from the world’s leading manufacturers and brands, namely Aeroklas, Alpha, Carryboy and ProTop. We then recommend those we think are the best hardtops in the UK to suit any and all your requirements.

Whether for trade use or if you want something with a little more luxury, for all cab variants, trim levels and for the biggest selling pickups from Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Mercedes, VW, Mitsubishi and Fiat. Hopefully even for the new electric pickups, the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian’s offerings, when they eventually arrive! So, keep checking back for updates and new hardtop releases.

Whether you want luxury or practicality, are a farmer, plumber, plasterer, builder, architect, go shooting and fishing, or just want to keep your four-legged friends safe and dry when transporting them, we want to help point you in the right direction. After all, buying a hard top doesn’t have to be... hard.
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